About Just4You Insurance

Just4you Insurance was designed with one goal in mind, take care of our customers and do it well. How we do that is explained in our agency name, “Just4you.” Everybody needs insurance but not all people need the same types of insurance. Here at Just4you we understand that, by making sure your coverage is unique to you.

Not only is it all about creating coverage that is designed just for you but it is also just as important to create an experience that’s tailored to you as well. We achieve this by doing business how you want to do business. We make every platform available to you, whether you like to text, email, call or meet in person we make the experience unique to you.

We even have a mobile app you can use to view ID cards, view policies, make changes to your policies, and so much more to give you the best experience possible. With Just4you Insurance you will start to realize things are different over here and we like different!

insurance-agent-highland-ilRyan Sautman – Owner

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even when I was in high school and college I was always thinking of new products and inventions that I could create to start my own business. In 2012 I found my calling to help others through insurance, in 2016 Just4you Insurance Brokers LLC was formed and I became a business owner.

My mind is always racing with new ways to do things. To do things like no one else has before. I believe it’s important to have that mind set if you want to run a successful, growing business. The best part of it, is that having that mind set only continues to make the experience greater for my customers.

The one who has to put up with all my crazy ideas is my lovely wife, Jocelyn. She’s a great sounding board and really helps me put these ideas into action. Jocelyn is the mother of my two children, Payton and John. I thank God every day for these 3 blessings. If it were not for Him I would not be where I am today.

Some of my hobbies & interest are: Being with my wife and kids, playing golf (such a typical insurance agent), drooling over Corvettes, fantasy football (my wife says I have a problem), shooting guns, watching football, watching a little baseball (Go Cubs!!).

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