Why I Chose to be an Insurance Agent: Then & Now

Why I chose Insurance 

Insurance is a funny career. It’s a career that nobody ever wants to be when they are 8 years old, nor is it a career they want to be in when they are 23 and getting ready to graduate college. (Yes it took me 5 years to graduate college – let the Tommy Boy jokes begin.) At some point something happens. We stumble across it or you finally give into the family business. Whether your family owned an agency for years or you came across an Indeed.com Job opportunity, like I did, you begin to love it. You begin to see the possibilities for you and your family. I initially started working with a great State Farm office because I seen the potential the industry had for me. The biggest thing for me was knowing that I’ll never have to miss a school play or sporting event that my soon to be born daughter would be in. I can be with my growing family whenever they needed me. My WHY was flexibility.

A little over 4 years later my why has completely changed. With a beautiful wife, 2 great children (soon to be 3), flexibility is no longer my why but merely a benefit of this career that I love so much. Keep reading on to see how becoming an insurance agent changed my life.

Where It All Started

I started working at a State Farm Agency at the age of 25 with my beautiful wifey, Jocelyn,  expecting our first child, Payton. There, I really began to enjoy working with people and helping them with their needs. Within a short time I discovered a great person to follow by the name of Dave Ramsey. At that point I came to realize I wasn’t a big fan of selling whole life insurance and State Farm wouldn’t be an option for me anymore. I’m not going to go into detail why I don’t like whole life insurance on this post, but if you would like to know more details about why I’ll choose Term Life Insurance 99.9% of the time for my clients, Click Here. I knew I had to move on. Becoming and independent agent was next.

Becoming Independent

After a year of working with State Farm I began my career as an independent insurance agent working under a great agent that I learned a tremendous amount from. I was finally free! Free to work with the clients I wanted to work with, sell the products that I believed in, and truly have the flexible schedule that I wanted for my family.

Boy did I have a lot to learn. I had no clue what the heck I was doing. My mentor in the agency showed me what it took to become a good agent. To get involved in the community, join the chamber, join a couple groups, get out and meet people. I must admit, in the beginning I was doing all this for one reason, to generate business. I was still in it for myself. During this time I noticed my mentor was always thirsty to grow and share his knowledge so I began to want to do the same. That’s when it happened. It didn’t happen all at once. It was a small spark. A spark that began to catch fire.

The Spark

Techniques for Persuasion and the Art of SalesEducation was the Spark. The spark that started it all. No, I’m not talking about my college and high school education where I was a C student my entire life. (Mostly because I talked too much in class, can’t imagine that can you?) It was self-education that ended up getting a hold of me and never letting go. I began to grow my knowledge of insurance, of people, and of myself. I started to realize that becoming a good agent, a good salesman, had nothing to do with being that old school salesman that Alec Baldwin betrays in Glenngarry Glenn Ross. It’s about caring for your clients, not about the sale, not about the all mighty dollar. Once I realized that, things began to change for me. Clients were starting to naturally come my way.

At this point I made the decision to start my own agency and live the American dream.  Becoming the CEO, the head cheese, the owner, the boss man. (Guys, we are truly never really the boss, for those of us that think we are, we just have a good enough wife that lets us think it.) Just4you Insurance officially opened for business June 1st of 2016. I was able to achieve something I dreamed about ever since I was a teen, owning my own business.

The Transformation

You can say the transformation already began when the spark happened but my personal transformation didn’t really start taking of till I started my agency and joined one of the smallest but greatest groups I’ve been a part of – Book Club. (Shout out to my Book Club Homies –  Joe, Marshall, Jeff, and our fearless leader, Nancie. Poor Nancie puts up with a lot between us guys) It was here where I really began to understand how to run my business by reading The E-Myth, finding out how to create that Purple Cow, How to find freedom in the work week, becoming and EntreLeader, and most important of all these – living a life of Intentional Living. This book, along with truly starting to comprehend what I’m reading when I open my Bible has changed my life. (This NLT version for men is awesome)

My Why – A Life of Service

In 2017 I realized my Why had changed. (Fore Warning: It’s about to get deep) I started to realize what life was really about. Great leaders through out history like Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi never lived their lives for themselves. They lived their lives for others. They were selfless. I am far from considering myself selfless but it is something I try and work on everyday. Giving a helping hand to others creates a high like no other. It’s a high that’s never forgotten. What’s crazy about it is, the more you give and become a servant to others, the more you get. Some people call this karma, I believe it’s God’s work at hand.

Your Life is not Defined by Your Job Title

Insurance has become a platform for me to be a servant to others but insurance isn’t what defines me as a person nor does your job title define who you are. Whether we are a CEO of a fortune 500 company, a 5th grade teacher, or a part time dish washer, we are not defined by our job title but instead it is what we do with the platforms that define who we are. Our jobs are our platform when we are there, our home is our platform when we are home with just our spouse and children (this may be the most important platform of all), when we go out to eat, make a quick run to Walmart, spending time with friends. These all are our platforms. What will we do with it? Even if it’s something as simple as saying, “Hi” with a smile or telling your favorite Home Depot lady that she’s your favorite Home Depot Employee (Shout out to Lisa, you rock!). These simple things don’t go un-noticed. As we see and hear the joy we bring to others we start to get a thirst for it and we want to make even more of an impact in others lives. Joyce Meyers says,

“When you feel down, Go be a blessing to somebody else.”

When we die what will be said about us? I don’t want that question to come from a sense of pride but from a heart of service. We are meant to serve. When we leave this earth let people say we made an impact in their lives.

Can you think of someone that has made an impact in your life or somebody else’s? I’d love to hear about it. Shoot me and email – ryan@just4youins.com.

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